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Location: Homeplace; Aloutte and Apollo, newest additions to the Dog Yard
In honor of the holiday, we at Voyageur Outward Bound School would like to wish you a happy:

Valentines Day (spend it with someone you love)
Palentines Day (spend it with friends)
Sailentines Day (spend it on a boat, or canoe)
Wailentines Day (spend it at karaoke)
Talentines Day (spend it reading a book)
Tailentines Day (spend it with pets)
*alternative days courtesy of the British Underground

However you choose to spend the day, we hope you spread a little love to those around you, and ate a bunch of sweets.

Love from, your Voyageur Outward Bound Crew
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"It's hard to put into words just how much this experience allows us to grow, but I can say with certainty is that this program will be with me every day from here on out."

- Intercept Boundary Waters Semester Alumni, age 18

Featured on the Blog: The Thing Is... We're Doing It!
VOBS Instructor, Emmy, shares the epic story of her 50-day Intercept Semester course's final expedition, their decision to hike through the night and the unforgettable lessons their crew learned as they canoed and hiked through the fall season in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  • February's Legendary Voyageur - Pioneering Black Explorer, Matthew Henson. Matthew was one of the Golden Age of Exploration era's few African-American explorers, and may have been the first man, black or white, to reach the North Pole
  • Our new Sled Puppies! Aloutte and Apollo are growing quickly and are everyone's favorite stop at Homeplace (instructors and students alike)
  • Maggie Roger's new album, Heard It In A Past Life
  • Twin Cities unsung heroes of 2019
  • New York Time's, Social Q's (lighthearted advice about awkward social situations)
Upcoming Courses
  • Mar. 5 - Apr. 1, 2019 (ages 14-17)

  • Mar. 8 - May 10, 2019 (18+)

  • Mar. 16-23, 2019 (30+)

Intercept Boundary Waters Semester
  • Apr. 22 - Jun. 10, 2019 (ages 17-21)
The Twin Cities Center has welcomed two new teammates this month:

In the bow & on the line: Matt Kraska, Outreach Representative. Always in the stern, but never stern: Sovatha Oum, Twin Cities Center Program Director

Check out their introductions here:
Matt Kraska
Sovatha Oum

Registration is now open for the upcoming Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and WFR Recertification courses at Voyageur Outward Bound School.

Registration is available to the public.

Course Dates:

Wilderness First Responder - 5/7/19 - 5/14/19

WFR Re-certification - 5/3/19 - 5/5/19

Alumni Opportunities:

As a VOBS alumni, we encourage you to stay in touch, share your memories and pass on your knowledge. Below are some ways to remain in contact or get involved.

Stay Connected:

Stay Involved:
  • Share your story or be a reference.
  • Make a donation or host a fundraiser.

All of these opportunities can be found at our alumni website:

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