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Big Bend: "The Big Country"

September is the two year anniversary of VOBS re-opening our Big Bend, Texas location. Read this months featured blog about what makes Big Bend so unique:

"Texas offers our students and staff a pretty special environment for programming. Incredibly varied terrain and topography for high desert trekking, white and slow water on the Rio Grande River and sick climbs for everyone from beginners to the Alex Honnold’s
of the world. Big Bend is a good five hours from El Paso; it is true border country and a wonderful context for challenge, adventure and personal development. From October to April, our students and staff benefit from the gifts of this location, giving us a whole new season on the calendar for programming with individuals and organizations."

Read the full blog here.

"Each of us is important
and has something to give. Listen to the music within you and believe in yourself. Do not be afraid. Take the risk of living."   

Haria ~

  • Dreaming of the first pot of fall chili - check out this Five Can Camping Chili (with variations for the slightly more heat tolerant like those of us in MN)


As fall rushes in, the leaves start to change, the air becomes crisper, we reflect on this season of change.

What's one thing you wish to change in the coming months that will make your life more full?

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Collective Impact: The Outward Bound Learning Lab

Thanks to the Bechtel Foundation, Outward Bound is in a process of collective impact. Our 11 Outward Bound regional schools join 12 diverse national youth organizations to investigate best professional practices in social-emotional development and character education.

"We all do better, when we all do better."
~ Paul Wellstone ~

We recognize that each member of our Voyageur Outward Bound community is a critical component of our collective impact. Thanks to our students for your valuable feedback, to our instructors for your integrity and enthusiasm, to our funders for your support and to our partners for your collaboration and commitment to character education.

Read the full blog here.

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Community Connections

St. Norbert College (SNC) and Voyageur Outward Bound School (VOBS) have a bold and innovative partnership.

"After months of planning and preparation, our journey has begun. Meeting early in the morning, previous gap year students, the college president, and many others, joined in the parking lot to send us off on our adventure. They encouraged us to venture deep into our own hearts as we explored the world around us and made sure that we knew St. Norbert would always be our home."

~Diana Delbecchi, Assistant Director, Gap Experience.

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Student Spotlight

Gabriella, age 16, Intercept Scholarship Student

"Coming here is my restart, and if I didn't come here I would have never found the Gabriella who I want the world to see." - Gabriella, age 16, Intercept Scholarship Student

Voyageur Outward Bound School students like Gabriella, their Outward Bound experiences on course help give them perspective. Whether on a river in the Boundary Waters, backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail or rock climbing in Big Bend - our students complete their courses feeling invincible and empowered.

Alumni Opportunities:

As a VOBS alumni, we encourage you to stay in touch, share your memories and pass on your knowledge. Below are some ways to remain in contact or get involved.

Stay Connected:

Stay Involved:
  • Share your story or be a reference.
  • Make a donation or host a fundraiser.

All of these opportunities can be found at our alumni website:

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